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Hot Sell Metro Tunnel Jet Fan

    • Hot Sell Metro Tunnel Jet Fan
    • Hot Sell Metro Tunnel Jet Fan
    • Hot Sell Metro Tunnel Jet Fan
    • Hot Sell Metro Tunnel Jet Fan
    • Hot Sell Metro Tunnel Jet Fan
    • Hot Sell Metro Tunnel Jet Fan
  • Hot Sell Metro Tunnel Jet Fan

    Product Details:

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    Detailed Product Description

    Novel design overturning the tradition
    -- Excellent aerodynamic characteristics.
    -- Leading efficiency and noise advantage.
    -- Highly efficient area width, no overload.
    Internationally advanced process is adopted for better conformity with characteristics of the flow field
    -- Flow passage components are spin formed, in replacement of the traditional process.
    -- The blade is formed at one time by pressing, having ensured the processing quality.
    -- Special machine, mould and tooling design have ensured the molding and positioning precision.
    Carefully selected materials applicable to fire-fighting and coastal occasions
    -- The strength is designed to be 200% of the highest rotating speed, and may fully satisfy the fire-fighting requirement.
    -- The material is resistant to neutral salt spray, and is widely used in the coastal regions.
    -- The rigorous experimental tests win trustworthiness.
    Wind-Surfer wheel comes to its fourth generation (4G)
    -- Continuous improvement, constant promotion.
    -- Higher energy efficiency, lower energy waste.
    -- Less noise, more quietness.
    Whole aluminum alloy, light weight and inborn explosion-proof
    -- Metal texture promotes the taste.
    -- Light weight accounting for only 1/3 of that of the traditional.
    -- Having reached the highest explosion-proof class SPARK A(AMCA 99).

    Product Feature

    Independent motor chamber: extra long lifetime
    -- Drive located in an independent chamber, contamination contact free.
    -- Suitable for lubrication grease, kitchen grease, dust and VOC exhaust.
    -- Stable performance and lifetime longer than 10 years.
    Patented in design, practical& artistic
    -- Elegant profile design, balanced proportion and sophisticated craft-work.
    -- Silver white metallic casing, harmonious with different building colors.
    -- Modernize buildings with enhanced taste.
    -- Blade falling resistant, prevent condensation falling into room.
    -- Even if blades break accidentally, blade pieces shall not fall into inside room without safety guard installation.
    -- Condensation will flow along blade to the outside instead of inside, available used in coastal and humid area.
    Light: suitable for steel structure roof-deck
    -- Housing and wheel: aluminum alloy material.
    -- Effectively reduce roof load: investment on steel structure is saved.
    Patented positive cooling technology
    -- Auxiliary blades suck in air: negative pressure in drive chamber.
    -- Fresh cool air continuously pushing in to drive chamber: cool the motor bearing.
    -- Motor and bearing life extended effectively.
    Widely applied to needs
    -- Explosion-proof exhaust, all aluminum construction.
    -- Smoke removal application.
    -- Coastal high-salt condensation.

    Maybe you want to know which model or what size shall be selected suitably for your projects?

    • Please don't feel hesitate to tell us your detailed requirements such as airflow volume, pressure, power supply, mounting type, dimensions and others you care for, we will make quick and accurate model selections by using INFINAIR fan model selection software.
    • Another method of selecting fan models is using our product catalogs as following steps.

    Hot Sell Metro Tunnel Jet Fan

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