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Pure PTFE packing

Pure PTFE packing

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Name: Pure PTFE packing


Pure PTFE braided packing made from pure PTFE fiber, without PTFE emulsion and lubricant processing. Result is a flexible solid woven and adjustable, so with the shaft, stuffing box can be a good match with excellent corrosion resistance, good self-lubricating and anti-paste nature, is recommended for chemical, food, and so does allow operation of pollution occasions, can also be used for all occasions of chemical mediators in addition to the soluble alkali metal. According to customer requirements can be molded into a pure PTFE packing rings such as: YY-PG1016.



For the valve, reciprocating pumps, rotary pumps, mixers, blenders, and other complex conditions.



Food industry, pharmaceutical, paper, chemical fiber, chemical, etc. do not allow the operation of pollution occasions.



Suitable for all media at the molten alkali metals and free fluoride ion away.


Product Specifications: 3 * 3mm - 70 * 70mm; special specifications or various non-standard products according to customer requirements to develop.


Temperature) 260℃Whatsapp,Wechat:008613512159475;
Pressure Rotary pump 5MPa, reciprocating pump 15MPa, 25MPa valve
PH range) 0-14
Linear speed) 20m/s


PTFE packing type Type density(g/cm3)
Pure PTFE packing YY-PG1016-1 1.4-1.6
Oil PTFE packing YY-PG1016-2
Tetrafluoroethylene silicone core packing YY-PG1016-3
PTFE packing separate wire YY-PG1016-4
PTFE graphite packing YY-PG1016-5
Imitation GFO packing YY-PG1016-6
Other according to customers samples or request delivery

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